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Celestian Tales Old North Howl of the Ravager
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Celestian Tales: Old North - Howl of the Ravager (c)

Ekuator Games

Release 09/06/2016

Protection: Steam

Game Size: 1 DISC

Game Type: RPG, Indie

Howl of the Ravager stands as a powerful story on its own and a precursor
to the main trilogy, shedding light to events which took place more than
twenty years before Celestian Tales: Old North. Glimpse upon the life of
young Severin Leroux and witness his first steps to become a hero of the
While bringing back the much-loved painted environments, emotive character
portraits, meaningful combat encounters, and heavy storyline of Celestian
Tales: Old North, Howl of the Ravager also improves upon many of the core
game's features. Due to popular demand, it brings increased movement
speed, event-skipping function, as well as difficulty settings, among
other things.
Main Game:

Celestian Tales: Old North is a refreshing take on the classic turn-based
Japanese style RPG, where your decisions in its dark and gritty storyline
shape the world of tomorrow. When the future comes at last, is it what you
hoped for?
The First of the Celestian Tales 3 Part Series, Old North is full of lush
hand-painted environments, emotive portraits, memorable characters and a
sprawling engaging moralistic storyline that is told through the eyes of
six protagonists. The actions you perform and the decisions you make in
Celestian Tales: Old North will carry over to the next installment of the
Experience what it's truly like to bear the responsibilities of a hero in
the beautifully hand-drawn Old North. Take on the role of one among six
young nobles, learning your way of knighthood and assisting the lords you
serve. When an external force threatens the land, you find yourself swept
in the tides of war where the deadliest enemies are those among your own
Celestian Tales: Old North is a complex tale of human interactions where
deception, intrigue, and betrayal stand side-by-side with loyalty,
friendship, and personal growth. Scrapping away the clich  of a destined
person or a boy/girl-saving-the-world, the story is tailored for a mature
audience and questions the bare morals of a human being. Will you do
anything to survive? Will you be steadfast in defending your faith and
beliefs? Or will you let yourself be corrupted, little by little, in the
name of greater good?
Featuring a turn-based combat system with plenty of character and party
customization options, Celestian Tales allows you to play the game at your
own pace in your own style. Enter the first decade of this epic three-game
series and see for yourself what sets it apart.

- Moral Confrontations - Situations are presented to the player throughout
the game that force players to face moral questions and beliefs.
- Unique Story   By avoiding genre cliches, the story brings a fresh
approach to RPG storytelling by allowing players feel the weight of their
character's actions.
- Multiple Story Arcs - 6 Selectable Characters allow you to play the game
from 6 different perspectives. Play through the game as all 6 characters
for a full experience.
- Traditional RPG Gameplay - Inspired by classic JRPGs with a turn-based
RPG battle system, players can develop a personal combat style.
- Beautiful Art - Lush hand-painted background visuals and environments
with detailed emotive character portraits and animated pixel-art
characters create a full and complete world experience.
- Epic Music - A sweeping score that captures the pace and emotion of the
story as it unfolds.
- More to Come - Old North is the First episode of a planned trilogy of
games and your actions in this game will have impact in the next episode
of the series


[ 1 ] Unpack
[ 2 ] Mount / burn image
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[ 4 ] Copy content from 'Crack' folder and replace game dir files
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[ 6 ] If U like it, buy it!

[ 1 ] Unpack [ 2 ] Mount / burn image [ 3 ] Install [ 4 ] Copy content from 'Crack' folder and replace game dir files [ 5 ] Play game [ 6 ] If U like it, buy it!
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