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Acute3D ContextCapture Master | 810 MB Bentley Systems announces general access to the release of ContextCapture and ContextCapture Center. This update introduces the revolutionary new capability announced at Year in Infrastructure delivering hybrid support for processing point clouds and photos. This innovation bridges the gap between sensor types used for capturing reality context and brings the best of both worlds to infrastructure professionals involved in design, construction and operations. Included: - ContextCapture ContextCapture allows the production of high resolution 3D models as well as the generation of digital surface models (DSM) and true orthophotos from imagery datasets as big as 100 gigapixels. It is most suited for, but not limited to, UAS/UAV/drone operators. - ContextCapture Center ContextCapture Center is dedicated to larger - scale 3D surveying and mapping. It can handle an unlimited number of photographs without any limitation in size, and allows computations to be parallelized on a cluster of 3D reconstruction engines. - Bonus: Reality Modeling SIG - Best Practices for Photo Acquisition What's New in ContextCapture version 4.4 (hotfix) - Fixed point cloud processing issue in Trial mode - Fixed memory use display when changing geometric precision - Fixed minor WebGL Viewer issues - Fixed thread concurrency issue on reconstruction processing - Updated license client Acute3D ContextCapture Master About Acute3D Acute3D, a Bentley Systems company, develops and sells ContextCapture, a new solution developed on the basis of the former Smart3DCapture technology, a software solution allowing to produce high resolution 3D models from simple photographs, without any human intervention. The principle of ContextCapture is to analyze several photographs of a static subject, taken from different viewpoints, and to automatically detect pixels corresponding to a same physical point. From many such correspondences, relative orientations of photos and accurate 3D shape of the scene can be inferred. ContextCapture solves this problem with cutting edge photogrammetry, computer vision and computational geometry algorithms fulfilling industrial - quality requirements in terms of precision, scalability, efficiency, usage, robustness and interoperability Product: Acute3D ContextCapture Master Version: Supported Architectures: 64bit Website Home Page : Language: english System Requirements: PC Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even / 8.x / 10 [img] - 3/0217/FdkGNXCDK7D3ylVK23hJHaQwA1fsvO5a.jpg[/img] Appz Windows
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