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AirSlax 2 Base
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AirSlax 5.12 Base | 196Mb AirSlax - This program is designed to scan and further use of Wi - Fi networks. Its features: when you start scanning all possible channels ether, locates and captures target disconnects the client and analyzing the data, selects a password, stores the results. Moreover, the utility allows you to hack into the network with both encryption methods - WEP and WPA. In addition, it is able to find an access point with WPS protocol for authorization and choose Pin - code. This version is actually a Live USB / CD with the operating system kernel on linuksovskom. The program menu is quite simple: 1. Scan the air: When you select this menu item is made to scan for available Wi - Fi networks and clients connected to it. 2. Select a target: You can select the target for attack from a list of networks obtained previously. 3. Interception objectives: There intercept packets coming from / to the selected Wi - Fi network. It is necessary to wait for the handshake - at the top right corner of the message will appear "WPA HANDSHAKE". This window is not closed, if you want to perform the next step. 4. Disable the client: Disabling the client happens to get a handshake, as it is only transferred when connected to a Wi - Fi network. Therefore, when the client is disconnected and must be running the menu item 3 - Interception goal. 5. Selection of the WPA password: Once the handshake is caught, you can proceed to the selection of a password dictionary. Small dictionary already in the program and to connect new, you must copy them to a directory on the flash drive slaxdict. 6. Save the result: You can save the results of interception, to work with him in the future. The results are stored in the directory slaxchangesdumpresult. The file name is formed from the name Wi - Fi network and has a .cab extension. NOTE: In the CD version of the interception and selection of (dump folder) is stored on the side of the media (/ dev / sda1, in Windows, this is usually the C drive:) 7. Selection WEP password: Hacking WEPshifrovaniya Wi - Fi network. Before the launch of this item you must first three menu items and leave Interception running. Hacking takes about 10 minutes. 8. WPS Scan: Scan Wi - Fi networks with WPS for authorization protocol. 9. PIN WPS Selection: Selection PIN WPS takes a considerable amount of time - from several hours to several days. However, it opened the passwords of any complexity. 10. Autofit and intercept: This feature scans and breaks open Wi - Fi network automatically, but do not abuse it, because it is much litter in the air. Installation instructions AirSlax: 1. Unpack the archive program on a flash drive (USB drive in the root folder should appear 2 - boot and porteus). 2. Enter at the boot folder on the flash drive. 3. Run the installer for your operating system. If you create a USB flash drive from the Windows start Porteus - installer - for - Windows.exe, unless the Linux start Porteus - installer - for - Linux. 4. type "ok" and press Enter (made protection against accidental launch the installer, so you can once again make sure that you are running the installer on the desired carrier). Run the installer you need an administrator (in linux as root or sudo). ATTENTION!!! Do not run the installer on your hard drive - then your computer is likely to stop him (hard drive) to boot. New in AirSlax 5.12 PRO: - Interception and selection of WiFi networks passwords to all encryption types. - Start with a USB Flash - The operating system installed on your computer is irrelevant and is completely safe, because All data and changes are recorded on a flash drive. - Support for a large number of WiFi adapters for the interception. - Using the power of the graphics card for the selection of WPA / WPA2 passwords that can speed up the selection of tens and hundreds of times. ?"I Recommend/Request Buy Uploaded.Net 'or' [url]]Nitroflare.Com[/url] PREMIUM ACCOUNT for Fast and Unlimited Speed" Appz Windows
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