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Condura Selection Part 1
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Up next on Condura we have Bryan Summerville with the amazing Sensual. Sensual' incorporates a huge kick, tight percussion, rolling bass and acid lines and an incredible lead melody, that are all combined to perfection to create a euphoric trance record that is just outstanding in every way. Condura is Darryn M with the brilliant Next Level. Next Level is a peak time chunky trancer with a stunning lead melody, layered to perfection with huge basslines, synth stabs and an absolutely beautiful piano break down. Flory & Vertigini with Some Parts on Condura Recordings. Big new track by Martin Graff pres. Graff on Condura! Condura Selection Part 1 (2017) Uplifting, Emotional, Melodic, Trance | Condura Recordings 320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 2017 | 01:13:04 | 167 Mb Tracklist: 01. Dorius - Extracellular (Original Mix) 06:50 02. Bryan Summerville - Sensual (Original Mix) 07:39 03. U-Mount - Teleport (Original Mix) 08:21 04. Darryn M - Next Level (Original Mix) 06:43 05. Lisko Feat. Kiti - Unique Opportunity (Original Mix) 07:57 06. Graff - Outbursting Bolt (Original Mix) 07:46 07. Miha Sav Alex - Tokyo (Original Mix) 06:12 08. Vertigini - Some Parts (Original Mix) 06:56 09. Myde - Castle In The Sand (Original Mix) 06:57 10. Outwalkers - Breath Of Love (Original Mix) 07:38 Trance
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