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Interpersonal Relationshs PDF
Sach und Fachbuecher
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Diana Jackson - Dwyer, "Interpersonal Relationships" English | 2013 | ISBN: 0415429153 | PDF | pages: 198 | 1.8 mb With a more specific focus than the all - encompassing textbook, each title in the Foundations of Psychology series enables students who are new to psychology to get to grips with a key area of psychological research, while also developing an understanding of basic concepts, debates, and research methodologies. In this book Diana Jackson - Dwyer presents an introductory survey of classic and recent research on relationships and the theories that underpin them. The book starts with a brief overview of the place of relationships within the history of psychology and of their evolutionary roots: our need to belong, to attach and to affiliate. After a look at methodology, it considers different types of relationships: kinship, friendship, loving and mating. Theories are advanced to explain the formation, maintenance and breakdown of relationships. The book draws on a wide array of contemporary research, and covers issues ranging from rising divorce rates to cultural variations in mating patterns, the issue of gay marriage, and the effect of the internet on relationships. Each chapter contains numerous pedagogical features which will help students to engage with the material: - Chapter - specific learning objectives and summaries of key points - Study boxes presenting reflective exercises, research questions, and issues for discussion - Glossaries and suggestions for further reading Assuming no prior knowledge of the subject, Interpersonal Relationships provides an accessible and up - to - date overview of this vibrant area of psychology. The book will be ideal reading for students who are new to higher - level study - whether at school, college or university, and will also be useful for first - year undergraduate students taking introductory courses in psychology. Sach und Fachbuecher English
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