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NotePlan 1 6 7 MacOSX
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NotePlan 1.6.7 MacOSX | 17.7 MB NotePlan is designed to make your task planning more productive. It solves problems like bloated, ever - growing to - do lists. Features - Full, modern writing tool included for every day of a month - NotePlan will give you the convenience of a modern writing editor supporting markdown. Add formatting to your task lists and notes to keep it better organized. - Monthly calendar overview with color - coded daily note content - See a summary of your notes and color coded lists in a monthly calendar view. Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate and quickly jump into a day to review or edit it. The calendar will also show you, if you missed out on some tasks, so nothing important slips from your mind. - Schedule tasks to stay organized - If you couldn't finish a task, don't leave it unmanaged on the list. Re - schedule it to another day. Or, if you manage a backlog, schedule a todo directly from there onto your calendar. - Backlogs, drafts, bug lists or just text notes, apart from the calendar - Some information is not related to a day and should be kept separated from the calendar. Like bug lists or project backlogs. They can be managed in NotePlan and scheduled directly into the calendar, when required. Notes can be organized by tagging them. In the overview you can filter your notes by tags. What's New Version 1.6.7: New # - tagging replacing the old tagging system; write #tag to tag a note from now on Apple Reminders are synced into NotePlan too now (red dot on the calendar) Move todos up or down using the keyboard with ALT+CMD; hit and keep this key combination pressed, then the UP and DOWN arrow keys; release to drop the todo; you can also select multiple todos to move them Support for * [ ] todo improved Support [[YYYY - MM - DD]] links to dates Note conflict management for usage across different devices and with iOS version Changed Links are colored orange now, like the hashtags Standard hotkey for deleting notes changed to CMD+Shift+Backspace; CMD+Backspace is deleting everything in the line before the cursor now and Option+Backspace deletes the word before the cursor Fixed Reminders disappeared when switching between days Problems with search, when no calendars were selected Show toolbar in texteditor also, when the window is very small File changes are scanned asynchronous, so the UI will not hang wile saving or loading Calendar search is done asynchronous now to avoid hanging Links to Emails from Airmail or Apple Mail are supported now using drag - and - drop Display the timing of events properly with all - day and start and end times Declined events will be hidden automatically Many minor bug fixes not worth a bullet point Requirements: Intel, 64 - bit processor, OS X 10.10 or later Appz MAC
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