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Nrn Suicidal Self Injury Wellness Perspectives on Behaviors Symptoms and Diagnosis
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Non - Suicidal Self - Injury: Wellness Perspectives on Behaviors, Symptoms, and Diagnosis Routledge | English | Jan. 26 2017 | ISBN - 10: 1138780359 | 232 pages | PDF | 2.41 mb by Kelly L. Wester (Author), Heather C. Trepal (Author) Grounded in a wellness, strengths - based, and developmental perspective, Non - Suicidal Self - Injury is the ideal guide for counselors and other clinicians seeking to understand self - injurious behaviors without pathologizing them. The book covers topics not previously discussed in other works, including working with families, supervising counselors working with clients who self - injure, DSM - 5 criteria regarding the NSSI diagnosis, NSSI as a protective factor for preventing suicidal behavior, and advocacy efforts around NSSI. In each chapter clinicians will also find concrete tools, including questions to ask, psychoeducational handouts for clients and their families, treatment handouts or treatment plans for counselors, and more. Non - Suicidal Self - Injury also includes real - life voices of individuals who self - injure as well as case vignettes to provide examples of how theoretical models or treatments discussed in this book immediately apply to practice. About the Author Kelly L. Wester, PhD, is a professor of counselor education at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and a licensed professional counselor with Family Solutions, an outpatient mental health agency. Her counseling and research experience with youth and self - injury includes settings such as residential treatment facilities, correctional facilities, college settings, and community counseling agencies. Heather C. Trepal, PhD, is a faculty member in the department of counseling at the University of Texas at San Antonio, a licensed professional counselor, and board - approved supervisor. She has served as the Review "They did it! Finally, a practical, application - orientated text that helps to inform practitioners who work with those who self - injure. This book has it all, and it touches on topics many others do not: clinical supervision, family dynamics, and advocacy and prevention. It is a must read for anyone who works with those who self - injure." Victoria Kress, PhD, LPCC - S, NCC, professor, Youngstown State University "In this informative and educative book, counselors are able to better understand the complexities of non - suicidal self - injury, distinguish between suicidal versus non - suicidal self - injurious behaviors, and obtain guidance about the ever - present dilemma of confidentiality as it relates to minors who engage in non - suicidal self - injury. The case studies, step - by - step instructions, and non - helpful/helpful responses make this book an exceptional resource for school counselors." Karen Meadows, PhD, supervisor of K - 8 counseling, Guilford County Schools "As a supervisor of many community mental health professionals, I am so often asked the very questions that this text addresses through research and helpful treatment considerations. This is a book that will not grow dusty on my shelf. It’s a much - needed guide to some of the most stressful presenting concerns that clinicians encounter." Anita Faulkner, LPCS, owner/clinical supervisor, Family Solutions, PLLC "Written by two leaders in the area of NSSI in the field of professional counseling, this text provides a thorough, but consumable, overview of NSSI and its treatment. The authors use case vignettes throughout the text to both humanize this stigmatized treatment issue and help readers apply the concepts, theories, and treatment interventions covered. With its focus on assessment and clinical intervention, this text is a must have for all mental health professionals." Julia L. Whisenhunt, assistant professor, PhD, LPC, NCC, CPCS, department of clinical and professional studies, University of West Georgia "Drs. Kelly Wester and Heather Trepal have created a rich resource for understanding and responding to clients who struggle with non - suicidal self - injury. Their text is comprehensive in scope, written with great clarity, and grounded in recent research and theory. The clinical relevance of this text is outstanding; Wester and Trepal have provided detailed information on assessment, diagnosis, treatment and advocacy issues pertinent to non - suicidal self - injury." Trevor J. Buser, PhD, LPC, BCC, Editor, Journal of Addictions and Offender Counseling, associate professor, Rider University Sach und Fachbuecher English
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