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Omni Swipe Prime v2.4 Mod
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Omni Swipe – Small and Quick Omni Swipe Prime allows convenient access to your favorite apps, contacts, settings, and incoming notifications using just one hand. Just swipe from your screen’s bottom left or right corner on any screen to instantly open a customizable radial menu that keeps what’s important and most useful to you always within a thumb’s reach. Unlike other accessibility tools, Omni Swipe stays hidden and out of your way until youswipe it into view to use it. FEATURES Unobtrusive: Omni Swipe only appears when you want it to, and disappears when you’re done, never covering or cluttering up your beautiful desktop. Intelligent: Omni Swipe cleverly anticipates and organizes your apps based upon importance and your past usage behavior. Interact: Get your latest notifications without having to swipe down the notification bar, and keep your most important contacts as well as their various contact methods convenient. Light-weight: Omni Swipe is small at less than 1MB large, and optimized to provide a clean and smooth user experience. Favorites: Add and arrange up to 9 of your favorite apps to always be within your reach. Toolbox: Customize which commonly-used shortcuts and switches can also be accessed with a single swipe. Easily switch on/off your flashlight, wifi, rotation lock or adjust your screen’s brightness. Keep your Android fast and responsive with the memory-cleaning speed-boosting “Booster” tool! Themes: Omni Swipe includes a variety of colorful themes to match your desktop or personality, with exciting new themes coming soon! Apps, Tools, Omni Swipe Prime APK, Omni Swipe Prime APK Cracked, Omni Swipe Prime APK Free, Omni Swipe Prime APK Full Version, Omni Swipe Prime APK Mod, Omni Swipe Prime APK Modded, Omni Swipe Prime premium, Omni Swipe Prime v2 32 APK, Omni Swipe Prime v2 32 APK Cracked, Omni Swipe Prime v2 32 APK Free, Omni Swipe Prime v2 32 APK Full Version, Omni Swipe Prime v2 32 APK Mod, Omni Swipe Prime v2 32 APK modded, Omni Swipe Prime v2 32 APK modded apk, Omni Swipe Prime v2 32 APK Premium, Omni Swipe Prime v2 32 modded apk, Handy Apps
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