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Stronghold Legends Steam Edition
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Proudly Presents

Stronghold Legends: Steam Edition (c) FireFly Studios

Release On   : 16 September 2016       Disk Amount/Format : 1 DVD
Type of Game : Strategy                Media Protection   : Steam

Lead the siege as fantasy characters throughout history! Stronghold
Legends: Steam Edition takes the beloved castle building series and plunges
it into myth and legend with three unique factions and new Steam-exclusive
content. Play as King Arthur and command his Knights of the Round Table,
ally with the demonic Vlad Dracula or relive the heroic saga of Siegfried
of Xanten in 24 story missions. Build and destroy castles using powerful
spells, mythical beasts and legendary hero units!
Remastered for Steam - Steam multiplayer, Workshop support, achievements,
new maps, a digital art book, trading cards and DLC campaigns.
Become Legendary Heroes - Unique fantasy setting with campaigns following
the exploits of King Arthur, Siegfried and Vlad Dracula.
Command Mythical Beasts - Three playable factions with access to frost
giants, creepers, werewolves and more!
Cast Powerful Spells - Hero units ranging from the wizard Merlin to fire
breathing dragons and the Knights of the Round Table.
Battle AI Lords - Skirmish multiplayer against computer-controlled
opponents and human players.
Besiege Players Online - Deathmatch, King of the Hill, Economic War and
Capture the Flag game modes.
Steam Edition
Inspired by medieval folklore and introducing magic to the series for the
first time, Stronghold Legends introduces new environments, units,
challenges and gameplay with each single player campaign and bonus trail.
Catapult werewolves over castle walls, incinerate troops using dragon fire
or command mighty ice giants to obliterate enemy defenses! Go online with
up to four players in competitive multiplayer over Steam or skirmish
offline against computer-controlled opponents.
Created exclusively for Steam, Stronghold Legends: Steam Edition comes with
full Steam multiplayer, achievements, new maps, a digital art book, trading
cards and all DLC campaigns. The Steam edition also updates Legends with
full Steam Workshop support! Sculpt an icy tundra to wage war on, a
scorched earth battleground using the evil terrain type or conjure up a
magical kingdom fit for King Arthur himself.

Burn/mount, install, copy crack, play!

(C) E/dfs
Wie in den Vorgängern geht es auch in Stronghold Legends um den Aufbau und die Verteidigung von Burgen. Statt sich im Mittelalter gegen Ritter zu wehren, verteidigen Sie diese in Stronghold Legends gegen Drachen, Werwölfe und Fledermäuse. Drei Sagen stehen dabei im Mittelpunkt: Die Geschichten um König Artus und seine Tafelrunde, die deutsche Nibelungensage und die Legenden um Vlad Dracul. Letztendlich überzeugt Stronghold: Legends aber nicht, da vor allem die Grafik und die Echtzeit-Kämpfe zu wünschen übrig lassen.
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