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Understanding Statistics in Psychology with SPSS PDF
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Understanding Statistics in Psychology with SPSS by Dr Dennis Howitt English | 10 Feb. 2017 | ISBN: 1292134216 | 760 Pages | PDF (True) | 577.16 MB Understanding Statistics in Psychology with SPSS 7th edition, offers students a trusted, straightforward, and engaging way of learning how to carry out statistical analyses and use SPSS with confidence. Comprehensive and practical, the text is organised by short, accessible chapters, making it the ideal text for undergraduate psychology students needing to get to grips with Statistics in class or independently. Clear diagrams and full colour screenshots from SPSS make the text suitable for beginners while the broad coverage of topics ensures that students can continue to use it as they progress to more advanced techniques. Key features · Now combines coverage of statistics with full guidance on how to use SPSS to analyse data · Suitable for use with all versions of SPSS · Examples from a wide range of real psychological studies illustrate how statistical techniques are used in practice · Includes clear and detailed guidance on choosing tests, interpreting findings and reporting and writing up research · Student focused pedagogical approach including o Key concept boxes detailing important terms o Focus on sections exploring complex topics in greater depth o ‘Explaining statistics sections clarify important statistical concepts’. Sach und Fachbuecher English
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