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Education Learning Training Critical Issues for Development International Development Policy
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[description] Education, Learning, Training: Critical Issues for Development (International Development Policy) by Gilles Carbonnier English | Nov. 5, 2014 | ISBN: 9004281142 | 237 Pages | PDF | 3 MB Education: Fundamental human right or strategic tool in support of economic growth? How does commodity - dependence influence education policy and practice? What is the role of vocational training vis - a - vis university education in developing countries? Are MOOCs and Chinese cooperation a game changer for higher education in Africa? And how does student migration sit vis - a - vis the globalisation of knowledge? These and other questions lie at the heart of Education, Learning, Training: Critical Issues for Development, a collection of essays edited by Gilles Carbonnier, Michel Carton and Kenneth King, which explore 50 years of international discourse surrounding education and development. Drawing on examples from Africa, Asia and Latin America, the articles examine issues hitherto largely neglected, but of increasing relevance to researchers and policymakers." Sach und Fachbuecher English
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