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Essential Java fast how to write object oriented software for the Int
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English | PDF | 197 Pages | 1997 | ISBN : 3540760520 | 22.34 MB Java is a new and exciting object - oriented programming language which is set to transform the world wide web. Java allows users to write applications which can be accessed across different platforms and provides an effective means of building small but powerful programs that enable a huge range of new applications - such as animation, live updating, two - way interactions etc. - to be quickly and easily implemented. As with all the 'Essential Series' books Essential Java Fast provides a highly readable and accessible introduction to the Java programming language allowing the reader to get up and running fast when developing their own programs. Software developers producing software for the Internet, those writing substantial commercial applications in a Windows environment, as well as individuals wanting to produce single versions of an application to run on any platform, should read this book from cover to cover.
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