Fansadox Collection – 351 – Beauty And The Geek

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Fansadox Collection – 351 – Beauty And The Geek Warez-World
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Fansadox 351 Beauty And The Geek
Comic, Forced, Rape, Extreme
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Adult Comic Album by SLASHER
Fansadox Collection – 351 – Beauty And The Geek
Janie Collins is the queen of John Wilson High. She’s the desire of every jock on the football team, the secret fantasy of all the male teachers, and the pride of the varsity cheerleading squad. And she’s also the dread of every geek, nerd and outcast at the school. Janie Collins is the queen, and there’s nothing she enjoys more than publically humiliating the unpopular and ugly students attending her school. But Janie is about to push one geek just a little too far... ANOTHER AMAZING COMIC BY SLASHER, WITNESS THE REVENGE OF A GEEK AS HE FUCKS AND PUNISHES THE SEXIEST GIRL IN SCHOOL!
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