Fansadox Collection – 352 – War Reporter

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Fansadox Collection – 352 – War Reporter Warez-World
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Fansadox 352 War Reporter
Comic, Forced, Rape, Extreme
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Adult Comic Album by SPINNER.
Fansadox Collection – 352 – War Reporter
A Miss Julie Sanders, star reporter for the International Gazette decided to do a feature on war crimes and atrocities, focusing specifically on a country in Southeastern Asia. Arrogant and brash, Miss Sanders decided that the best way to gain an in-depth and true expose concerning the situation on the ground was to go in without government support or notifying anyone of her plans. With only a single, female bodyguard to protect her (as no male bodyguards would dare associate themselves with a white, foreign woman), Miss Julie Sanders headed out into the jungle hoping to document the varied and multifaceted atrocities she witnessed deep in the jungle, far beyond the reach of roads, television cameras... or outside aid. The soldiers find Miss Julie Sanders and Taniya Sarducci. Although the girls put up a fight, they are no match for these vicious soldiers of the regime. The girls are quickly taken captive and brought to a secret army camp, deep in the jungle and far from the prying eyes of American drones or satellites, so that they can be “interrogated” for information. Although Miss Julie Sanders believed she was protecting herself by informing nobody of her visit to the country, her actions ultimately worked against h
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