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The Fleets of Sol
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The Fleets of Sol is an strategy-survival game that focuses on commanding a fleet of capital ships as you jump from sector-to-sector in search of stranded civilian transports while constantly being pursued by an enemy determined to bring about your fleet's destruction. Current Features Pick from multiple commanders, as each provides a unique bonus that can radically change how you approach your journey. Each jump is a leap into the unknown as you encounter distress calls, interdiction forces, and enemy strongholds. Order your ships carefully and engage or avoid hostile forces as you wait for your jump drives to come online. The relentless enemy are prepared to intercept you at every turn and will even use hijacked friendly ships filled with warheads to weaken your resolve. Discover specialists among the rescued civilians to help boost your fleet giving you a much-needed advantage. When enough civilians have been saved, begin the final journey to your new home planet while the enemy hatches a plan to stop you once and for all. Command up to 20 capital ships as well as countless small fighter craft. ?
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