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Kerbal Space Program v1 1
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Zeige NFOVerberge NFO
S  K  I  D  R  O  W
.the leading force.

proudly presents
Kerbal Space Program v1.1
(c) Squad

20-04-2016......Release Date  Protection...............Nothing
Simulation.........Game Type  Disk(s)....................1 DVD


Kerbal Space Program is  Turbo Charged  by the release of patch 1.1!

After almost a year of hard work our major update is finally here! In
the package you'll find a large boost in performance due to the upgrade
to the Unity 5 game engine, 64 bit binaries for Windows and OSX that
will help you mod the game to ridiculous lengths and the brand new
KSPedia reference guide for all the information you need to play the

That's not all though, here are some of the highlights for this patch:

All new user interface
The user interface has been rewritten from the ground up to take full
advantage of Unity 5's new integrated systems. The  parallel' UI
systems have been removed and the game now uses only one system, adding
to the performance bonus the update already brings. Almost all
interface elements have been redesigned and tweaked but have retained
the familiar feel for experienced players. The most notable tweaks can
be found in the map view, staging, IVA portraits and the right-click
part menus.

KSPedia will be the primary source for information on just about
anything in the game. New players will find the basics of building and
flying explained here, and more experienced players can take in
information about more advanced concepts such as docking, in-situ
resource utilisation and all the information they need to plan a
successful mission to the next planet or moon.

New tutorials and scenarios
The tutorials have been extended and reworked from the ground up. The
new tutorials will cover topics ranging from basic and advanced
construction and flight, to docking and landing on Mun. Learn how to
execute the perfect gravity turn, orbit Kerbin and land the Eagle. New
scenarios unlock advanced mission concepts to any player: use a
spaceplane to re-enter the atmosphere and land it back on the runway at
the Kerbal Space Center, return a craft without heat shield from Duna,
or beat SpaceX at their own game by flying back the first stage of a
rocket to the launch pad.


This game have gotten a complete overhaul and all gamefiles changed,
therefore we're releasing it in it's complete form.



1. Unpack the release
2. Mount or burn image
3. Install
4. Play the game
5. Support the companies, which software you actually enjoy!


To all friends of the family and honorable rival groups!

ascii art by the
godlike & terrific duo
malodix + irokos
titan artdivision
Kerbal Space Program ist eine Sandbox-Raumfahrtsimulation. Der Spieler übernimmt ganz unterschiedliche Aufgaben bei der Erkundung des Weltraums durch die außerirdischen Kerbal. Dabei wird ein ganzes Sonnensystem simuliert. Es lassen sich eigene Raketen bauen, um Kapseln und Schiffe in den Orbit des Heimatplaneten zu bringen. Von dort aus kann man zu benachbarten Planeten und Monden fliegen, landen und forschen. Der Titel wurde zuerst in der Early-Access-Rubrik auf Steam veröffentlicht.
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