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Maldi Tof Mass Spectrometry in Microbiology
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Maldi - Tof Mass Spectrometry in Microbiology by Markus Kostrzewa, Soren Schubert 2016 | ISBN: 1910190411 | English | 169 pages | PDF | 3 MB "This authoritative volume will be indispensable for all microbiology laboratories" In this timely and up - to - date book, experts in the field provide an overview of the application of MALDI - TOF MS in key areas of microbiology and discuss the impact this modern technology is having on laboratory practice and patient outcome. Several chapters cover applications in clinical and veterinary diagnostic laboratories, food microbiology, environmental microbiology and strain collections. Further chapters discuss the utilization of MALDI - TOF MS for the analysis of challenging microbial groups such as yeast and anaerobic bacteria. In addition, new applications such as microbial typing, DNA analysis and the detection of antibiotic resistance are also covered. The final chapter provides a valuable overview of potential future trends and developments in MALDI - TOF MS and assesses the impact of the technology in microbiology. Sach und Fachbuecher English
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