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-- Master of Orion --

title.......... master_of_orion_game
genre.......... Strategy
game id........ 1441029515

game items.....:

    [setup_master_of_orion_2.7.0.14.exe] -- Master of Orion (Part 1 of 2)
        version: (gog-14)
    [setup_master_of_orion_2.7.0.14-1.bin] -- Master of Orion (Part 2 of 2)
        version: (gog-14)
    [patch_master_of_orion_2.7.0.14.exe] -- Patch (gog-14)


#### Patch (29 April 2016)

##### General

  * [Map Generation] Increased the size of Circular Huge galaxies (95 stars to 125)
  * [Combat] Fixed soft lock when invading a colony with only transports
  * [Balance] Increased perceived value of Shared Charts and Trade tech. 
  * [AI] Fixed several bugs that prevented AI from building the most apropriate class of ships as required.
  * [AI] Diplomatic AI will accept deals that have a net 0 effect.
  * [AI] Diplomatic AI will use same primitive to estimate how many stars as the Audience module to determine if it's available or not for Shared Starts treaty.
  * [AI] Improved afraid status evaluation during negotiations.
  * [Tactical] Beams were behaving erratically after optimization
  * [Minor Civilizations] Fixed a bug that lowered Minor Civilizations disposition when colonizing anywhere.

* * *

#### Patch 43.5 (29 April 2016)

##### General

  * [Mac] Fixed a Fatal Error when clicking the Invest button in the Empire Management Screen.
  * [Balance] Fixed the local security bonuses formula.
  * [GoG] Fixed not being able to quit the game without being logged to GoG Galaxy.
  * [Pirates] Removed pirates around AIs until anti Pirate tactics are implemented. (Temporal Fix)

##### Visual Improvements

  * [Tactical] Gas clouds and Asteroids FX revamp.
  * [Cutscenes] Replaced colony ships during intro cutscene.
  * [Cutscenes] Replaced Silicoid home planet for intro cutscene.
  * [Race Selection] Fixed Silicoid Crystal shader blur.
  * [Diplomacy] Fixed Silicoid lighting in Diplomacy Screen.

##### Diplomacy

  * [AI] The AI now correctly judges deals that it proposed with the "What will make this deal work" option.
  * [AI] The AI now will accept fair deals with 0 net effect.
  * [Diplomacy] Fixed null WarInfo and LogError messages.
  * [Diplomacy] Fixed afraid enemies accepting all trades for only 1 BC. Espionage
  * [Espionage] Fixed stealing technologies message showing to all races and not just the thief.
  * [Espionage] Fixed tech stealing showing techs from the player instead of the enemy.
  * [Espionage] Updated espionage targeting reticle.
  * [Espionage] Different input schemes for selecting agents and giving orders.

##### Tactical Mode

  * [Tactical] Several performance optimizations.
  * [Pirates] Increased overall pirate weapons DPS (it was yielding 0 Att Rating).
  * [Pirates] Slightly buffed Frigate HP.
  * [Tactical] Fixed the Missile Camera endless looping sound.

##### Ship Design

  * [UX] Fixed issue where exlcuding modifiers where selectable.
  * [UX] Fixed Ship Designs list not docking correctly leaving the last designs out of the screen.
  * [UX] Fixed module list scrollbar was not positioned correctly and was overlapping the modules info.

##### Multiplayer

  * [Multiplayer] Fixed unachievable economic victory in two player skirmishes.
  * [Multiplayer] Fixed empty tooltip for allies when war is declared to a member of an alliance.
  * [Multiplayer] Fixed game loading issues.

##### User Interface

  * [Diplomacy] Added full GMF Shares Exchange functionality to Audience screen.
  * [Espionage] Added new targeting reticule for selecting planets.
  * [Research] Fixed top bar not showing in the Research Screen.
  * [UX] Fixed soft lock when using Right and Left Keys to cycle in the Planet Screen.
  * [Visual] Fixed Shares graphic not showing the right info on Invest pop-up.

##### Localization

  * [Localization] Fixed several GNN dialogs in Russian.

* * *

#### Patch (22 April 2016)

  * New playable races: Silicoid and Darlok
  * Espionage: Train spies and assign them to offensive and defensive missions
  * Minor Civilizations: interact with non-starfaring races to gain rewards, including influencing your diplomatic and economic victory paths
  * New Victory condition: Fill your coffers and claim economic supremacy by controlling the Galactic Monetary Fund
  * Weapon Miniaturization: Improve your legacy weapons by making them smaller and cheaper
  * New galaxy size: HUGE
  * More AI improvements
  * Improved Multiplayer
  * Improved Tactical Battles
  * Improved overall balance: Better suited for both tall and wide empires and with a smoother progression in the late game
  * Improved performance (faster turn processing and less hickups when zooming in and out of the galaxy)
  * New and improved GNN gags
  * By popular demand, we added the option to mute your advisors while still retaining other voiceover audio
  * Over 400 bug fixes 

##### General

  * Improved GNN animations and environment
  * New GNN Events added
  * Miniaturization added for all weapon types and bombs
  * Replaced Military Power score with Attack (average DPS) and Defense (effective hit points) ratings
  * New Espionage feature added
  * Security (Espionage-related) added to Capitol and Government Support Facility
  * New Tutorial Match added
  * Improved weapon modifiers are now unlockable through the tech tree progression
  * Improved performance: Turn processing
  * Improved performance: Diplomacy audiences
  * Improved performance: Memory management
  * Improved performance: Framerates
  * Added support to show multiple GNN events in same turn
  * Several diplomatic dialogues updated
  * Blockade income is no longer affected by empire modifiers 

##### Visual Improvements

  * Added new Stellar Converter cutscene for destroying a planet
  * Improved emperor holograms on Diplomacy Screen
  * New ship models for transports and colony ships added for each race
  * New ship models for transports and colony ships on the galaxy map 

##### Gameplay Balance

  * Planet population capacity increased by 4 for each planet size
  * Rebalanced planetary Biomes (adjusted: total food, available cells and diminishing returns)
  * Rebalanced planetary mineral richness (adjusted: total production output, available cells)
  * The multiplier for successive terraforming projects on the same planet has been increased, making it more difficult to terraform the poorer biomes to Terran and Gaia
  * Introduced many additional ΓÇ£choice requiredΓÇ¥ technologies in the tech tree
  * Redistributed food buildings along the tech tree to smooth out progression and make food more important in late stages of the game
  * Rebalanced Galaxy ages
  * Uber Planets have been rebalanced to be more similar to the Terran biome
  * Colony ship production cost increased for improved pacing
  * Races with Uber Planet trait now start the game on their corresponding Uber Planet 

##### Racial Traits

  * WeΓÇÖve completed a major balance pass on racial traits. Below are the traits for each race as of In Development Phase 3.

##### Alkari

  * Homeworld specials: Artifacts
  * +25% Beam defense
  * Ship combat speed bonus
  * Ship travel speed bonus
  * Physics starting tech 

##### Bulrathi

  * Large homeworld
  * Rich homeworld minerals
  * +25% ground combat rating
  * High Gravity tolerance
  * +25% Beam defense
  * Physics starting tech 

##### Darlok

  * -25% assimilation power
  * +10% Security
  * -10% Mission duration
  * Ship improvement: Stealth (ships can get closer to enemies before being detected)
  * Government starting tech 

##### Human

  * +10% security
  * +25% BC from Trade Treaties
  * +25% BC from Trade Goods
  * Improved Negotiations
  * Improved Disposition
  * Government starting tech 

##### Klackon

  * Cavernous homeworld
  * Uber Planet: Cavernous
  * Poor homeworld minerals
  * +50% Food from population
  * +25% Production from population
  * Biology starting tech 

##### Meklar

  * -50% Food consumption
  * +25% Production from population
  * +10% Morale
  * Ship auto-repair enabled 

##### Mrrshan

  * Large homeworld
  * Grassland homeworld
  * Uber Planet: Grassland
  * +25% ground combat rating
  * Extended Barracks
  * Engineering starting tech 

##### Psilon

  * Small homeworld
  * Homeworld specials: Artifacts
  * +50% Research from population
  * -25% ground combat rating
  * Low Gravity tolerance
  * Government starting tech 

##### Sakkra

  * Tropical homeworld
  * Uber Planet: Tropical
  * -25% Research from population
  * +25% population growth
  * -25% Pollution generation
  * Biology starting tech 

##### Silicoid

  * Large homeworld
  * Inferno homeworld
  * Uber Planet: Inferno
  * -25% Research from population
  * Does not consume Food
  * Does not generate Food 

##### Terran Khanate

  * -20% ship cost
  * +25% Beam attack
  * Increased Marine training rate
  * +20% Command Points
  * Engineering starting tech 

##### Artificial Intelligence

  * Improved Research AI efficiency
  * Improved Production AI efficiency (Better handling for new colonies)
  * Improved Deal evaluation
  * Improved threat evaluation
  * Local War AI: Now your enemies will decide to go to war for strategic targets
  * Improved invasion tactics
  * Colony ships are now escorted by military ships when threats are nearby
  * Changed colonization logic so that it considers shared systems
  * Improved Space Pirates AI 

##### User Interface

  * Production queue visibility is now stored in saved game
  * Improved Ship Design screen
  * Added Disable Advisor option in options menu
  * Production queue visibility is now stored in turn info
  * Several fixes and tweaks for tactical UI
  * New NEW YEAR animated notification when starting a new turn
  * Updated colony ships thumbnails
  * Scrollbar has been re-skinned
  * Base icon for fleets now scale with camera distance (like ship icons)
  * Added many new tooltips across UI elements in the game
  * Added new icons to Notifications
  * Added Income from blockades on Empire Economy tooltip
  * Several minor UI tweaks 

##### Tactical Mode

  * New special systems: Lightning Field, Plasma Web, Tractor Beam, Warp Dissipator and Wide Area Jammer
  * Improved Admiral AI (now uses match speed, and takes into account planetary defenses)
  * Improved fleet deployment
  * Auto Upgrade now considers modifiers in weapon slots
  * Added abstract representation for clearer understanding of the battlefield when zoomed out
  * New option added: reset camera on pause (on by default)
  * New hazard: Nebulae (jams missiles but blocks shield regeneration when ships are in them)
  * Combat Numbers revamped
  * Added Automated Repair visual effects
  * Blackhole now affects asteroids
  * Missile Accuracy now configurable on a per-missile basis
  * Improved balance on range dissipation damage for lasers and beams
  * After-battle combat briefing now animates damaged/destroyed ships
  * Added bombard and invade validation (specially for multiplayer) 

##### Multiplayer

  * Removed UI lock while waiting for players
  * Turn time limit added (this is a work in progress)
  * Enabled Invite Friends button in match setup
  * Several stability-related fixes 

##### SFX

  * New ambience sounds for colonization cutscenes
  * Added Terran Khanate audios for GNN
  * Asteroids sounds added
  * Various sound effects added to UI 

##### Notable Bug Fixes

  * Bugfix on Galactic Council vote value
  * Bugfix for endless Processing Turn occurs when submitting turn after having max Pollution value on Uber Planet
  * Trade treaties now will deduct the cost on both parties
  * Softlock Bugfix when the AI attacked even after peace treaty was accepted
  * Bugfix on memory attacked on War Declaration
  * Bugfix when AI evaluate offer or demand deal Items on deal
  * Bugfix when being in Truce with a race AI is still cable to threaten to attack demanding something, howeveriIf player declines the demand the war won't be declared
  * Fixed combat screen sending results multiple times
  * Bugfix: when game goes into a softlock after retreating
  * Bugfix: Bombarding unfinished outposts
  * Bugfix: Softlock when Enemy AI invades player
  * Bugfix: ESC during tactical battle
  * Bugfix: Using time compression resulted in some out of syncs
  * Bugfix: A player is able to destroy other race's ships without declaring war

##### Multiplayer

  * Bugfix for locked multiplayer next turn button
  * Bugfix on match setup when updating game information for lobbies
  * Crash fix on match setup 

* * *

#### Patch (06 April 2016)

  * Fixed a crash on tactical combat when in large numbers of ships are participating.
  * Fixed: the player is now able to retreat during tactical battles.
  * Fixed several issues with Weapon Modifiers not working or not showing appropriate feedback .
  * Fixed: Production carry-over not working after buyout.
  * Fixed a soft-lock when pressing ESC while seeing Orion's defeat dialogue.
  * Fixed: discovering "Mega fluxers" now upgrade ships designs correctly.
  * Updated Custom races button.
  * Fixed: Several localization fixes.
  * Fixed: fade in added to the Terran diplomacy screen.
  * Fixed: the branch-able tech node was showing null tooltips.
  * Fixed: the FLAG checkbox was not working and was overlapping planet info.
  * Fixed: Production carry-over not working after buyout.
  * Fixed: removed "Heightened Intelligence" research bonus when population is on strike.
  * Improved Terran and human Diplomacy background effects (holograms).
  * Fixed issues with Terran race's materials.
  * Some other minor bug fixes.

* * *

#### Patch (26 March 2016)


  * Fixed endless black screen where loading save games for the first time without launching a match beforehand.
  * Fixed broken diplomacy screen on some configurations
  * Fixed issue where a significant FPS dropdown occurs during turn submit processing on the Large map size on certain game phase.
  * Fixed several issues and exploits regarding loading and the excellence victory condition.
  * Pressing Tab during tactical while AI fleet no longer makes the control panel of the selected ship to appear.
  * Fixed an error that seldom appears when attempting to join a multiplayer lobby.
  * Fixed In-game EULA Overlapping.
  * Fixed multiple cases of "endless processing turn" that occurred.
  * Fixed: Monsters do not spawn on asteroid belts any more.


  * Battle briefing screen may contain wrong information when a pirate fleet attacks a player's planet
  * A player might be able to see an anomaly but not be able to travel to it the required system is not revealed.
  * A fleet is able to move after performing Destroy a planet action.

* * *

#### Patch 42 (25 March 2016)

  * Hello explorers and welcome to Master of Orion, In Development - Stage 2!

  * We are very happy to release this update, and move forward in our Games in Develpment program.

  * As you will see this version is packed with a lot of improvements, many of which were only possible thanks to your amazing feedback.

  * Again, please remember that our game is still in development, some changes may be subject to further review.

  * We are eager to get more of your feedback!

  * Quick Overview (Major improvements or additions):

  * Three new playable races (Meklar, Klackon and Terran Khanate.)

  * Improved Artificial Intelligence.

  * Difficulty levels.

  * Custom Race creation.

  * Improved and rebalanced racial perks.

  * Improved tactical battles.

  * New victory condition: Technological.

  * Revamped combat screen.

  * Support for Mac OS X (Not optimized yet, please take a look at our recommended specs)

  * Text localization support for: German, French, Polish, Czech, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean and Japanese.

  * Over 350 Bug Fixes.

##### Detailed list of changes:

##### General

  * Three new playable races (Meklar, Klackon and Terran Khanate.)
  * Support for Mac OS X (Not optimized yet, please take a look at our recommended specs)
  * Custom Race creation.
  * New victory Condition: Technological Victory.
  * Improved ship auto-upgrade.
  * Support for Logitech's Orion Illuminated Keyboards
  * Improved tooltips for morale.
  * Added missing holograms in Breakthrough screen.

##### Gameplay Balance

  * [Balance] Racial Perks have been re-assigned and re-balanced
  * [Balance]Research progression and pace has been re-balanced, specially for the mid game and end game .
  * [Balance] Improved galaxy generation to increase differentiation of star colors and planets over different galaxy ages
  * [Balance] Ships are now upgradable and repairable when orbiting any kind of settlement including allied settlements.
  * [Balance] Added difficulty levels: Easy, Average, Hard and Very Hard (Average being the one where the AI is playing with the same economical benefits as the human player)
  * [Balance] Improved Jump Gates: now built by Space factory at Warp Points. Moved earlier in the tech tree. Travel speed doubled.
  * [Balance] Re-balanced Racial Bias.
  * [Balance] Vast improvements on differentiation of races (bonus/malus, strategy, diplomacy, etc.).
  * [Balance] Enable 8 races for Circular Large galaxy (was 6 because the races restriction for EA1).
  * [SFX] Music and Voice Over has been properly balanced.

##### Artificial Intelligence

  * [AI] Fixed bug in AI asking for invalid technologies.
  * [AI] Fix OffensivePact send WarDeclaration in Client and Fix DespiseBreakPromise check.
  * [AI] Improved colonization behaviour. Now the AI is able to manage multiple Colony ships at the same time and its colonization schemes are not hindered by its war efforts.
  * [AI] Improved war preparation: Defensive and offensive analysis has been improved.
  * [AI] vastly improved production
  * [AI] Improved Strategic analysis: AI will make more decisions based on chances of obtaining different victory conditions.
  * [AI] Improved Strategic analysis Fine tuning of potential targets for war.
  * [AI] Improved handling of multiple war fronts.
  * [AI] Performance optimization in engage task.
  * [AI] Improved combat analysis New formula for estimating relative fleet strength.
  * [AI] Defensiveness personality trait now used in defense formula.

##### Tactical Mode

  * [Tactical] Monsters collision/avoidance boxes fixed.
  * [Tactical] Fixed Space Dragon 3D mesh.
  * [Tactical] New Combat Screen with detailed information on fleets.
  * [Tactical] Pause as a mechanic: Tactical battles start in paused mode in order to make the important initial tactical decisions.
  * [Tactical] Fixed range feedback on tooltip and overlay.
  * [Tactical] Size of pirate ships has been Increased.
  * [Tactical] Added civilian ships to tactical battle (They hold they ground at the back of the battlefield and flee if they get attacked)
  * [Tactical] Added Retreat.
  * [Tactical] Several fixes for tactical UI.
  * [Tactical] ΓÇ£TacticalΓÇ¥ button replaced to ΓÇ£Take CommandΓÇ¥.
  * [Tactical] Added Speed and Range Controls (Implementation, Integration into the game).
  * [Tactical] Added Tactical Options (Pause on Options, Esc brings Options, Confirm Simulate on Leave, Populate Options Menu accordingly).
  * [Tactical] Added Persistence to tactical options
  * [Tactical] Fixed Facing, size and modifiers costs.
  * [Tactical] Intro improvements.

##### User Interface

  * [UI- Tactical] New icons.
  * [UI] Changes in arrow icon and jump gates.
  * [UI- Tactical] animated Auto-cast feedback.
  * [UI] Animation changes on Main Menu and Single Player.
  * [UI] Added building list to manage structures.
  * [UI] UX components for speed and range controls.
  * [UI - GNN]: Fixed a bug were the race name would repeat in the headline.

##### Diplomacy

  * [Diplomacy] Fixed trading: Player is unable to request Exchange Tech when the player does not have technology for Exchange Tech.
  * [Diplomacy] fixed State Machine: some lines of dialogue where not being triggered as intended.

##### Localization

  * [Localization] New localizations: German, French, Polish, Czech, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean and Japanese.
  * [Localization] Updated Localizations.
  * [Localization] New changes on credit screen.

##### SFX

  * [SFX] Improved Audio Manager.
  * [SFX] Improved Tactical mode sounds
  * [SFX] Improved Strategy mode sounds .
  * [SFX] Several mixer updates, general click sound updated, "upgrade" button sound added and GNN music loop-able.

* * *

#### Hotfix 40.13 (04 March 2016)

  * Please remember that our game is still in development, some changes may be subject to further review. We are eager to get your feedback! Some of the things that we are testing are:
  * Improvements in the AI.
  * A more varied galaxy in terms of planet classes and mineral richness (please remember to randomize the seed to try different generated galaxies).
  * Balance adjustments for a more hardcore experience.
  * Scale and speed adjustments in tactical battles to make room for a bigger playfield.

##### Genera


  * Added flag checkbox to un-colonized planets.
  * Fixed soft-lock in victory/defeat popup.
  * Fixed soft-lock in Planet Review. 
  * Fixed issue on fleets visibility after Share Charts.
  * Fixed Fleet Icon visibility when different fleet hull sizes are docked in the same navigation node.
  * Fixed Fleet Icon in the Galaxy map when fleets depart to an anomalies.
  * [Ship Design] Fixed exploit that allowed to create fully loaded ships paying as empty ships.
  * Fixed issue with Galaxy Generator (Orbital distribution).
  * Turn limit indicator removed in path to victory when Excellence Victory disabled.
  * Now the Game acknowledges that it can't store save games and popups a warning. 
  * Fixed freeze when demanding a Colony at the same time as asking for a vote in the Galactic Council.

##### Balance

  * [Galactic Council] Changed trigger condition from all races knowing both candidates to all races knowing each other.
  * [Galactic Council] Implement a minimum turn for triggering galactic council.
  * [Balance] Galaxy ages are now more different from each other (MoO2 style).
  * [Balance] Large and Huge planets chances slightly increased in the Galaxy Generator.
  * [Balance] Changed BC progression and starting structures upkeep.
  * [Balance] Costs for Ship Upgrade and Buyout increased.
  * [Balance] Command Points exceeded changed from 10 to 20BC.
  * [Balance] Marine barracks now give +5% Morale.
  * [Balance] Capitol morale bonus reduced to 25% (from 30% ).
  * [Balance] AI Opening now end at turn 1 (IA performs better with this restriction).
  * [Morale] Taxes start affecting morale since 1BC per population.
  * [Morale] Race base morale now starts at 100%
  * [Balance] Removed the cohesive trait from races that used it (it improves IA's colonization and defenses as they play in a more pack style).
  * [Balance] Biome chances modified in the Galaxy Generator.

##### AI

  * [AI] Changes in Production: removed order in production rating, top priority production bypasses global ETA limit, added the worker income bonus to structures scoring, avoid idle production in colonies while trade goods is not available, colony ships changed priority from top to high.
  * [AI] On full defense, disabled below high priority to engage targets.
  * [AI] Lowered priorities for pirate bombardment and engaging.
  * [AI] Added conditions to Demand Evaluation. Will now reject demands that demand more than 1 colony, or a colony in a system with more colonies.
  * [AI] Added fatigue after a demand is accepted: FATIGUE_DEMAND. Now set in 25 turns.
  * [AI] Added ship upgrade (ship refit)
  * [AI] Bug fix for military retreat.

##### Tactical

  * [Tactical] Fixed FX for Torpedoes. 
  * [Tactical] Fixed Anti-Missile Rockets.
  * [Tactical] Optimization for defensive weapons.
  * [Tactical] Proton Torpedo exception fixed!
  * [Tactical] Added one more ring on the big battlefield grid.
  * [Tactical] Tweaked scales for ships now contemplates pirates.
  * [Tactical] fixed the big battlefield limits.

##### UI

  * [UI] Tweaks for alternative multiline tooltip. Modifiers rows support multiline now.
  * [UI] Fixed black squares appearing on the interface.
  * [Techtree] Updated all technology images.
  * [UI] Added max population on known planets and planet tooltip.
  * [UI] Fixed issue with colonies list docking when the player had around 20 colonies or more.
  * [UI] Fixed strike population on colonies text fields.
  * [Ship Design] Disable models and decals for Pixel Ships in Ship Design.

##### Diplomacy

  * [Diplomacy] Fix Memory Rebuked line on some rejected demands.
  * [Diplomacy] Share Charts will only be asked to civilizations with whom I have enough disposition, and know at least 3 stars I don't know.

##### Multiplayer

  * [Multiplayer] Fixed issue when Player 1 upgrades ships, Player 2 can observe Player's 1 fleet info block on the left bottom corner. 

##### Localization

  * [Localization] Ships module update.
  * [Localization] Updated "Thanks for participating in the Early Access" message.
  * [Localization] Changed Language Detection to set English or Russian Language.
  * [Localization] First recommendation added in all Welcome descriptions.
  * [Tooltips] Changed Low and High gravity tooltips.

##### SFX

  * [SFX] Warp sounds added.
  * [SFX] Notification sound updated.
  * [SFX] Placeholder explosion sounds updated.
  * [SFX] Added new Galactic Council theme.
  * [Music] Restart Music during Audience if the AI changed disposition.

* * *

#### Hotfix 40.12.1 (27 February 2016)

We've released a hotfix for Master of Orion. This is a small but important
one, as it addresses potential overheating issues.

  * Implemented FPS cap of 200 
  * V-Sync is now turned "ON" by default

Thank you for all of your reports, and please keep the feedback coming!

* * *

#### Localisation Hotfix (26th February 2016)

  * Minor String updates.

Install instructions:
- Run "setup_master_of_orion_2.7.0.14.exe"
- Play
Credits: this release was made possible by Swapware Games Network!
If you like this game, support the developers and BUY IT!
Diehard fans of the first games will be ecstatic to know that this revival is being built under the watchful eyes of members from the original development team, in conjunction with NGD Studios in Buenos Aires!
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