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NightCry Update 6 and Crack
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1. 解压缩
2. 复制Update文件夹下的升级补丁到游戏目录覆盖
3. 复制Crack文件夹下的未加密补丁到游戏目录覆盖
4. 运行游戏


By 3DM
Welcomed aboard a luxurious cruise liner, you are spending your time enjoying this rare opportunity. But at the height of the evening, things are not as they appear as a murder brings it all to a grinding halt. With no idea which direction to turn, blame is thrown around the ship in panic as the guests start to suspect one another. As night falls and a cry echoes out through the ship, the true nightmare begins. Search for the answers and save yourself and others from a terror you can't begin to explain. NightCry is a 3D point-and-click adventure game. Click to move your character and search the ship. Interact with objects by selecting them. Make sure you check it all carefully, for the clues you need may not be easy to find. But searching isn't all you will be doing. As you search, you will be haunted, and the Scissor Walker will be coming for you. In Exploration Mode, explore the cruise liner for the answers you seek. Learn about the strange and often gruesome happenings that currently plague the ship, solve the puzzles and seek the route that will lead you to safety. But be warned, searching through the ship's secrets will lead you to trouble and frantic escapes are the only way to survive. Run, hide and stay quiet for it is coming, and maybe you will survive long enough to learn the true horrors of this oncoming evil force.
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