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Paws A Shelter 2 Game
766 MB
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      ┌───┐┌─────┐┌─────┐┌─────┐┌─────┐┌─┐┌────┐┌────┐   ┌─┐┌────┐┌────┐
      │█┌─┘│█┌─┐█││█┌─┐█││█┌─┐█│└─┐█┌─┘│█││█┌┐█││█┌──┘   │█││█┌──┘│█┌┐█│
      │▓└┐ │▓└─┘▓││▓│ │▓││▓└─┘▓│  │▓│  │▓││▓│└─┘│▓└──┐   │▓││▓└──┐│▓││▓│
      │▒┌┘ │▒┌─┐▒││▒│ │▒││▒┌─┐▒│  │▒│  │▒││▒│┌─┐└──┐▒│   │▒│└──┐▒││▒││▒│
      │░│  │░│ │░││░│ │░││░│ │░│  │░│  │░││░└┘░│┌──┘░│   │░│┌──┘░││░└┘░│
      └─┘  └─┘ └─┘└─┘ └─┘└─┘ └─┘  └─┘  └─┘└────┘└────┘   └─┘└────┘└────┘

 ┌────────────────────────────[ P R E S E N T S ]───────────────────────────┐
 │                                                                          │
 │               Paws: A Shelter 2 Game (c) Might and Delight               │
 │                                                                          │
 │ Supplied By: A Friend             │ Diskettes   : 1 CD                   │
 │ Cracked By : A Friend             │ Game Type   : Adventure, Casual      │
 │ Packaged By: A Friend             │ Released On : March 2016             │

   Might and Delight invites you to step into the world of Shelter 2 in
   a standalone adventure set in a fairytale world. This is Paws!

   Dark and grime, twist through the vines
   Slip through perils with finesse and toil
   Be two for strength, be two of mind
   Find the way home to familiar soil.

   Paws is a tale of two halves and sees you traverse the dark and dank
   surroundings of an enchanted land as you try to fend off dangers,
   whilst overcoming the daunting sprawling landscape you encounter as
   you try to make your way home.

   The game combines all the unique elements from the much loved
   Shelter series to present a lovingly crafted story about loss,
   friendship and a search for lost love.


  * A gripping linear experience in a fantasy setting.
  * For the first time ever in the Shelter world, you play as a young
    cub accompanied by a companion to help complete puzzles and
    overcome obstacles in the world.
  * New game play features include the ability to follow tracks using
    your sense ability.
  * A whole new corner of the world to explore with platforming game
    mechanics at its core.
  * New original music from Retro Family.

   1.) Unpack
   2.) Burn or mount
   3.) Play the game

 │ ██▓▓▒▒░░            LETZ ROCK - LETZ DOPE - LETZ KICK!          ░░▒▒▓▓██ │
Paws ist ein Standalone-Ableger von Shelter 2, dessen märchenhafte Welt Spieler diesmal aus der Perspektive eines verloren gegangenen Luchsjungen erleben. Nachdem er von seiner Familie getrennt wurde, macht sich der kleine Luchs auf, um einen Weg nach Hause zu finden. Glücklicherweise besitzt er bereits die Fähigkeit Spuren zu lesen. Begleitet wird er auf seiner Reise von einem jungen Bären, der ihm beim Rätsel lösen und Hindernisse überwinden zur Seite steht.
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