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Pretion Alternatives Hundreds of Safe Natural Pretion Free Reme
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[description] English | 2009 | ISBN: 0071600310 | 448 Pages | PDF | 1,8 MB Prescription Alternatives is an easy - to - use, immediate reference for all the information you need about how medications affect your body, what you can do to counteract imbalances, and what alternative treatments work best. "FDA approved" doesn't mean it's safe! Prescription drugs can deplete the body of essential vitamins and minerals Studies show that H2 blockers for heartburn can cause bone loss Drugs to treat diabetes can increase risk of heart disease and death Covering the major prescription drugs in use today and their dangerous side effects, natural health expert Dr. Earl Mindell lays the foundation for a sound body with safer alternatives to these medicines. New drugs and natural alternatives for: Heart disease Diabetes Obesity - related ailments Asthma ADD "For those who need to know what doctors and pharmaceutical companies are doing to people's health . . . this belongs in the library of every home." ?C Lendon H. Smith, M.D., author of Feed Your Body Right
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