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RC Racing Off Road 2 0
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P R E P A R E  T O  B E  U N L E A S H E D ! !

RC Racing Off Road 2.0 RIP

Release Date  :  02/07/2016                Protection  :  Steam
Release Type  :  RIP 29x10.00MB            Company     :  magnussoft

Release Notes:

Car racing but different. Enjoy the realistic RC car physics engine of
these mini cars on different routes, in various lighting conditions,
indoor and outdoor!

Prove your driving skills early, so that you have soon enough money to
buy new faster RC models and other routes. Train in single races while
the clock is ticking or compete against your friends in the
multiplayer mode via LAN or Internet. Then chances are good to leave
your opponents behind you during the competition races!

- Single player races against intelligent computer opponents
- Multiplayer with up to four players via LAN or Internet
- Large selection of indoor and outdoor tracks
- Many RC model cars
- Realistic RC car physics engine
- Various game modes: Single race, time trial and competitions
- Earn money by winning races and thus unlock more tracks, cars and
access to the competitions
- Moddable RC cars ( purchasable engines, car skins and tires )
- Damage simulation of the cars ( repairmode )
- Extensive configuration options

RIPPED: Nothing

Install Notes:

1. Unpack the release with WinRAR or equivalent
2. Install by running unl-rc20.exe
3. Start game with RC Racing Off Road 2.0.exe
4. Enjoy!

Remember to support quality games!

Unleashed salutes all friends of the family, contacts and competition!

" Prepare to be Unleashed! "
Autorennen einmal anders! Machen Sie mit superschnellen RC-Modellen die Umgebung unsicher. Genießen Sie die realitätsnahe RC-Car Physikengine der kleinen Flitzer auf unterschiedlichen Strecken, bei verschiedenen Lichtverhältnissen und im Innen- und Außenbereich!
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