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Röhrls Katze DVD-RIP
86 Min.
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MPEG-4 H.264 / AVC
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Y O U  A R E  N O W  A B O U T  T O  W I T N E S S

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_,xxil    __,,,__
,dXXXi      ^XXXXXX7       lXXXXXXXX7 ,XXXXXl
,dXXXXXX,      'XXXXXl      ,XXXXXXX7'  ""^^Xl
lXXXXX,  lXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX77777^^^^""""""""""""Roehrls.Katze.2011.Extras.German.DVDRip.x264-13 - Warez World | Top DDL-Warez Downloads & Scene ReleasesRoehrls.Katze.2011.Extras.German.DVDRip.x264-13 - Warez World | Top DDL-Warez Downloads & Scene ReleasesRoehrls.Katze.2011.Extras.German.DVDRip.x264-13 - Warez World | Top DDL-Warez Downloads & Scene Releases'

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X/ -[13]-     Roehrls.Katze.2011.Extras.German.DVDRip.x264-13     -[13]- X/
X/ [STREET DATE]>>         2o11-o8-o1  [RELEASE DATE]>>       2o16-o9-27 X/
/X [iMDB RATiNG]>>                n/a  [LANGUAGE]>>       German/English /X
X/ [RUNTiME]>>               1h 2mins  [SUBTiTLES]>>              German X/
/X [REL SiZE]>>       754 MB 53Fx15MB  [DiRECTOR]>>        Helmut Deimel /X
X/ [EXTRAS]>>    you're looking at it  [COVERS]>>        300dpi w/ Proof X/
/X [FiLENAMES]>>            13-rkeg.*  [SECTiON]>>               X264-SD /X
/X [GENRE]>>                   Documentary/Biography/Sport/Rallye-Racing /X
/X -----------------------------[VIDEO_iNFO]---------------------------- /X
/X [FRAMERATE]>>              25 FPS   [SOURCE FORMAT]>>        PAL DVD9 /X
X/ [ASPECT RATiO]>>           1.85:1   [ORiGiNAL]>>                 16:9 X/
/X [WiDTH/HEiGHT]>>          716x392   [CRF]>>                        21 /X
X/ [BiTRATE]>>            1 693 Kbps   [TOTAL FRAMES]>>           175454 X/
X/ [x264 Vers]>>                             x264 core 148 r2705 3f5ed56 X/
/X -----------------------------[AUDiO_iNFO]-----------------------------/X
/X [CHANNELS]>>                    2   [SAMPLE RATE]>>            48 kHz /X
X/ [DELAY]>>                     9ms   [FORMAT]>>            AC3 192kbps X/
X/ [SHOP URL]>>                                                          X/
/Xöhrls-Katze-DVDs-Walter-Röhrl/dp/B005OPUI4Y    /X
/X [OFFiCiAL iMDB]>>        /X
/X [MD5 CHECKSUM]>>                                                      /X

__/-----> -  RELEASE NOTES!

/X English: Röhrl's Cat                                                  /X
X/ A journey through the rally career of a double World Champion.        X/
/X No, this is not a film for pet lovers, but for the fans of one of the /X
X/ most successful rally drivers ever, Walter Röhrl, who still fascinatesX/
/X rally lovers more than 25 years after his first world title.          /X
X/ Today his cat "Lisa", his wife Monika, and the world of Porsche are   X/
/X his main preoccupations, but once his life was centered on the special/X
X/ stages of the world . This film looks back on the career of the doubleX/
/X World Champion, stretching from his incredible performance at the 1972/X
X/ Olympia Rally, to his last WRC-rally in 1987. The Austrian film maker,X/
/X Helmut Deimel, highlights the successful athlete, but also the man    /X
X/ behind the rally driver. His four wins in Monte-Carlo, his love-hate  X/
/X relationship with Africa and his very special relationship with Italy /X
X/ and the Tifosi. Deimel has searched for the best sequences in all the X/
/X nooks and crannies of his extensive film archive, and, along with the /X
X/ legendary shots of the German driver.                                 X/
X/ German: Röhrls Katze                                                  X/
/X Nein, das ist kein ausgesprochener Film für Tierliebhaber, sondern    /X
X/ für Fans eines der erfolgreichsten Rallyefahrers aller Zeiten:        X/
/X Walter Röhrl, der auch mehr als 25 Jahre nach seinen Weltmeistertiteln/X
X/ ungebrochene Faszination ausstrahlt. So, wie heute seine Katze "Lisa",X/
/X seine Frau Monika und die Porsche Welt die Mittelpunkte seines Lebens /X
X/ sind, waren es früher die Rallye Sonderprüfungen dieser Welt.         X/
/X Röhrls Weggefährte seit 1973, der  strreichische Filmemacher Helmut   /X
X/ Deimel beleuchtet den großen Sportler und den spannenden Menschen     X/
/X Röhrl in all seiner Facetten. Eine herzhafte Dokumentation einer      /X
X/ ebenso herzhaften, wilden und mitreissenden Epoche des                X/
/X internationalen Rallyesports.                                         /X
/X Chapters DISC1                                                        /X
X/ 01. The Overture / Die Ouvertüre                                      X/
/X 02. Capri to Opel / Vom Capri zum Opel                                /X
X/ 03. Fiatyears / Fiatjahre                                             X/
/X 04. Four Monte Carlo Victories / Vier Monte Carlo Siege               /X
X/ 05. Love of the Italians / Die Liebe der Italiener                    X/
/X 06. No Love for Africa / Hassliebe Afrika                             /X
X/ 07. Worldchampion 1980 / Weltmeister 1980                             X/
/X 08. Porsche 1981 / Porsche 1981                                       /X
X/ 09. Worldchampion 1982 / Weltmeister 1982                             X/
/X 10. Back at Lancia 1983 / Lancia 1983                                 /X
X/ 11. Audiyears / Audijahre                                             X/
/X 12. Finale                                                            /X
/X Chapters DISC2 Bonus                                                  /X
X/ 01. Onboard Lago Azul Portugal                                        X/
/X 02. Audi S1 Helicopter Semperit Rallye 1985                           /X
X/ 03. Audi Sport Quattro Helicopter New Zealand 1985                    X/
/X Making of "Fiat 131 & Safari Crash"                                   /X
X/ Making of "Fiat on strike"                                            X/
/X Making of "Fiat on the roof"                                          /X
X/ Walter Röhrl the storyteller                                          X/
/X Notes: German/English mixed audio w/ hardcoded German subtitles       /X
X/ foreign parts.                                                        X/
X/ The Main Movie on DISC1 was released seperately. Enjoy the Extras!    X/
/X For the International viewers we released another version with Eng    /X
X/ Subtitles on screen for any German parts.                             X/

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Die Bilder von Walter Röhrl in Action kennen wir alle. Wie der Schlacks aus Bayern zumeist seitwärts über die Rallye-Prüfungen dieser Welt pflügt. In seinem neuen Video-Porträt "Röhrls Katze" zeichnet Filmemacher Helmut Deimel aber auch ein anderes Bild der deutschen Rallye-Legende.
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