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Sabre Jets Over Korea A Firsthand Account
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Sabre Jets Over Korea: A Firsthand Account Tab Books | 1984 | ISBN: 0830623523 | English | 276 pages | PDF | 62 MB Douglas K. Evans' memoir of his service as an F - 86 Sabre pilot during the Korean War not only gives the reader an insight into the world of an individual combat pilot, but also serves to illuminate several lesser known aspects of the Korean air war. Evans participated in the 4th Fighter Interceptor Wing's interception of a Chinese bomber attack on US forces on Cho'do Island. This action was the only time that Chinese bombers attempted to bomb UN targets during daylight hours in the Korean conflict. Evans reports on the disasterous after effects of the 23 October 1951 battle between Soviet - piloted MiG - 15s and USAF B - 29s. Evans also served with the first African - American F - 86 pilot (Dayton Ragland, later KIA in Vietnam). Evans' tone and style remain true to the period and to his profession. Evans' memory runs true to the historical record and his work is an excellent contribution to the literature on the Korean air war and has been of great value in my research. As an historical document this work is only limited by the scope of Evans' actual service. Sach und Fachbuecher English
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