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SOMAs Dictionary of Latin Quotations Maxims and Phrases
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SOMA's Dictionary of Latin Quotations, Maxims and Phrases: A Compendium of Latin Thought and Rhetorical Instruments for the Speaker, Author and Legal Practitioner Who Must Stand Out and Excel by SOMA English | January 11, 2010 | ISBN: 1426925085, 1425144977 | EPUB | 688 pages | 3.6 MB SOMA's Dictionary of Latin Quotations, Maxims and Phrases is the most extensive compilation of Latin Quotations, Maxims and Phrases in the market today. In addition to its extensive entries of Latin expressions, it also features an amazing variety of content that will be of great interest and benefit to the user. SOMA's Dictionary is a priceless collection of valuable resources for a wide range of users, from the aspiring professional to the seasoned academic. A few of its features include: Over 8,600 unique Latin entries including over 1000 Legal Maxims and expressions 30 Biographies of Roman Authors and Philosophers Over 1,000 related suffixes and prefixes Over 30 Greek Phrases An extensive timeline of all Roman Emperors An extensive timeline of the shapers of Western Civilization and Culture A pronunciation guide with notes And so much more Sach und Fachbuecher English
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