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Suits A Business RPG
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The Corporation Needs You! Apply at Suit City HQ today and put the future of the world in your hands! The Corporation IS you! The Corporation keeps our beloved society in order and in justice. The Corporation supplies the task and the task supplies cash! And remember citizen, more reward for the less questions you ask... Our perfect society relies on us to keep the cogs in the machine lubed up and quiet. The cogs keep the machine running and functional. We need cogs like you to support the city in the most noble of ways. Take action! Take a stand! Take this application in your hand and apply now! Necessary Credentials: Strong Fists Chiseled Jaw-line Fantastic Tie A Very Girthy Briefcase Fighting Experience Lack of Heart Love for the Corporation! Features: Over 99 Different Types of Enemies Find Hidden Treasures Within Each District Enjoy a Kickin' Soundtrack Composed by Gbone and the Biz 86% Interactive Environments Lots and Lots of Sandwiches Multiple Hours of Game Play 35 Achievements Steam Trading Cards
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