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Thinking After Europe Jan Patocka and Politics
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Thinking After Europe : Jan Patocka and Politics by Francesco Tava and Darian Meacham English | 2016 | ISBN: 1783486856 | 411 Pages | True PDF | 33.5 MB Jan Patocka, perhaps more so than any other philosopher in the twentieth century, managed to combine intense philosophical insight with a farsighted analysis of the idea and challenges facing Europe as a historical, cultural and political signifier. As a political dissident in communist Czechoslovakia he also became a moral and political inspiration to a generation of Czechs, including Vaclav Havel. He accomplished this in a time of intense political repression when not even the hint of a unified Europe seemed visible by showing in exemplary fashion how concrete thought can be without renouncing in any way its depth.Europe as an idea and a political project is a central issue in contemporary political theory. Patocka's political thought offers many original insights into questions surrounding the European project. Here, for the first time, a group of leading scholars from different disciplines gathers together to discuss the specific political impact of Patocka's philosophy and its lasting significance. Sach und Fachbuecher English
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