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-- Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem --

title.......... wolcen_lords_of_mayhem
genre.......... Action
game id........ 1458655673
url............ https://www.gog.com/game/wolcen_lords_of_mayhem
user rating.... 84%
release date... April 06, 2016

game items.....:

    [setup_wolcen_lords_of_mayhem_2.3.0.5.exe] -- Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem (Part 1 of 3)
        version: 0.1.9 (gog-5)
    [setup_wolcen_lords_of_mayhem_2.3.0.5-1.bin] -- Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem (Part 2 of 3)
        version: 0.1.9 (gog-5)
    [setup_wolcen_lords_of_mayhem_2.3.0.5-2.bin] -- Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem (Part 3 of 3)
        version: 0.1.9 (gog-5)


#### Patch 0.1.9 (28th April 2016)

##### GENERAL:

Huge performance improvements. The performance shouldn't decrease over time

  * New: Weather system version 1.0. The sky is now more dynamic, with giant clouds blocking the sun, and rain all over the world of Wolcen.
  * New: Dynamic weapon trails! The system is now fully fonctionnal. It will alow use to add nice trail effects to all weapons and skills using sets of particles. Most weapon particles are currently WIP.
  * New: Once dead, you can only respawn in Amarth. Enemies will respawn. Every looted items on the ground will disappear.
  * New: Merchant purchases will now use gold limitation.
  * New: Active Effect for various magic icons (burn, open wound, movement speed) - Still WIP, some effects are not displaying icons at the moment.
  * Fixed various crashes involving enemies projectile

##### UI:

  * Improve: The HUD displaying loot icons is now running in 60 frame per second - Icon struttering is fixed.
  * Fixed: Waypoints name weren't displayed on minimap.
  * Fixed : various bug displaying item details
  * New : Tooltip for Character Sheet details have been added
  * Improved: The Book tutorial will not appear out of the tutorial area
  * Fixed: Missing icons in the Passive Skill tree


  * Improved: English localization thanks to Squidcake!
  * New: Spanish localization by ldtime. Thank you ldtime!
  * New: French localization.
  * Fixed : A lot of missing strings have been replaced in both English and French.

So Wolcen is now in English, Spanish, French, Chinese, German, and soon
hungarian! Thanks to our awesome community. Thank you guys you are doing a
great job ;) The fonts are work in progress.


  * Improved: Dead impulse is now more realistic. Most enemies doesn't feel like weighing 20kg anymore.
  * New weapons to loot !
  * Improve: Enemies with elemental aura and affinity don't have a permanent aura anymore - The effect is now active for a limited time, then disappears, and appears again (regular pulse)
  * Fixed a glitch allowing the player to move fast after a dodge (space bar)
  * Greatly reduced bleed damage inflicted by butchers
  * Improved: Dialog boxes stay now 15secondes instead of 7.
  * Fixed: All enemies are now affected by the dead impulse (some of them were just falling on the ground).
  * Fixed: The player will never be blocked in a non walkable area (fixed - the previous patch was not 100% working)


  * Improved: Optimize the polycount of the ferns by approximately 200%
  * Improved: Ennemies spawning on screen
  * New Megascans assets with an area reworked.


  * Fixed : Capes are now properly saved and loaded


  * Various fixes for player animations
  * Ogre default attack modified 

* * *

#### Patch 0.1.8 (25th April 2016)

##### GENERAL:

  * New: Potion system is now working correctly. Potions takes time to refill, but Globes will refille 33% of the given potion ressource (Health globe for Heath potion, Mana globes for Mana potion ect)
  * New: German localization by Cotto (Thanks Cotto!)
  * New: Chinese localization by ngacnlcq (Thanks ngacnlcq!)
  * New: The blood is now directional, it goes depending of how you hit the ennemy
  * New: The dead impulse is also now directional
  * Improve: Many performance upgrade on various systems, making the game smoother during long play session. More significant performance upgrade are in progress too.


  * Improve: small performance improvement when outside Amarth (more layer switch)
  * Improve: less physic collision problems around Amarth
  * Improve: Various things in the open world, especially the area under Amarth
  * Improve: New fog settings

##### UI:

  * Improve: Loot icons position update depending of the graphic quality. Very smooth in High and Very High mode, a bit less for Medium and Low, for optimization.
  * Fix: show fps option is now saved
  * New: Camera shake option in Game Settings
  * New: Quest Markers option in Game Settings
  * New: Gore Mode option in Game Settings
  * New: Items dropped in the inventory or in the belt now play a quick animation.


  * Fix: the player is no longer leaning when suddenly changing direction


  * Modified: Ghoul animations
  * Modified: Ogre animations 

* * *

#### Patch 0.1.7 (08th April 2016)

##### GENERAL:

New: (Game changing) Dodge system: Press the space bar to perform a quick
escape move. It costs 5 stamina points, available per default. New: 13 new
Skills New/Fix: Magic effects for weapons and armor are now generated as
normal adding a lot of new items modifiers in the game New: Added a minimap
arrow pointing to the current quest Objective (gold for main quest, silver for
secondary quest) New: Added a small animation for newly equipped items in the
Equipped Slot of the Inventory Fix: graphical options are now saved (low
effect mode, SVOTI, and distant depth of field) Fix: Camera rotation issue
Fix: Camera stuttering - The player acceleration has been increased while the
basic inertia stays smooth Fix: Dual Wielded weapons were not correctly
restored when loading a characters Fix: Several crashes involving Orc skills
Improve: the random generated dungeons are now less subject to invisible
walls, we are working on a full solution. Modify: The max camera distance has
been increased by 10%

##### UI:

Fix: Various missing localization (@ui_something) Fix: Dialog Box border
removed Improve: Active Skills UI: Tooltip on Power and Utility Improve: Top
screen health bar design Improve: Passive Skill Panel looks decent now Modify:
Text font for each UI panels Modify: Close button is now similar in each main
UI windows


Fix: Unending night in the open World Modified: new lighting for the Character
Selection Fix: remove the player chest in the dungeons

##### AUDIO:

Modified: Replaced the (annoying) sound when you learn a spell Fix: Some
sounds were ignoring the Volume parameters


New: Level of Details of "Ogre". New: Level of Details of "Pythus". New: Level
of Details for "Old Zombie". New: Level of Details for "Champion Orc".
Improve: Burn particle for Pithus based models and skeleton models Improve:
Driller model has new detailed texture (but the Improve: Eye shader for the

##### AI:

Modified: NightStalkers no longer chase the player. However, they will
teleport and attack if the player comes to close Improve: Fluid movement for
Infernal Dogs


New: Default dodge animation for one handed and two handed poses New: Idle
animation for NightStalker Improve: Dual wielding movement animations Improve:
Dual wielding right attack animation Modified: Ghoul animations


New: Two handed Glass Hammer (looking really good :)) Improve: Effect of used
Rage Globe on Player Improve: Explosion and trail of the Fire Rain Skill
Improve: Effect of Charger Orc


New Skills: Each of these skills can be looted on enemies. Each skills has
various chances to be found. List: Umbra Ray: Cast multiple magic rays to
nearby enemies. Only works if enemy are present Blizzard: A small blizzard
will damage and snare affected enemies Chain Lightning: Lightning strikes
several targets, bounding from one to another Deep Strike: Strike a group of
enemies by teleporting on them. You will have a chance to stun them on
landing. Lightning Bolt: Combo spells striking fast moving projectile all
around Magnetic Strike: A fast casted, localized, lightning explosion
Bloodbath: Enemies can no longer target you, and you steal health of the
enemies nearby Force Shield: Provide you a chance to drop incoming attack or
projectile Mass Frenzy: Enemies start to attack each other Ground Stomp: Stun
all enemies nearby Umbral Bomb: A powerful explosion after a long delay in a
localized area War Cry: Increase you armor and rage rating during a limited
amount of time Absorption Shield: Absorb incoming damage and make projectile
bounce (can possibly strike enemies nearby)

Install instructions:
- Run "setup_wolcen_lords_of_mayhem_2.3.0.5.exe"
- Play
Credits: this release was made possible by Swapware Games Network!
If you like this game, support the developers and BUY IT!
Bei Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem (ehemals »Umbra«) handelt es sich um ein Action-Rollenspiel im Stil von Diablo 3. Sie schlüpfen in die Rolle von einem der wenigen Überlebenden der Menschen. Dieser kämpft gegen zahlreiche Monster und setzt dabei die Fähigkeiten der sogenannten Umbra ein. Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem nutzt die CryEngine 3 von Crytek.
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